Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2


    • Meet The Brow Savior

  • 3

    Addressing the Elephant in the Room

    • Understanding YOUR Goals!

    • Identifying Your Strengths and Weaknesses

    • Setting Your Revenue Goals

  • 4

    Let's Set the Tone!

    • Knowing Your Ideal Client

    • How Do Clients Think?

    • Hitting your Ideal Client's Pain Points

    • Knowing When to Say "NO"

  • 5

    Let's Get Social! (PART 1)

    • Tips Before Posting

    • The Art of Posting and Building Relationships

    • Common Posting Mistakes

    • Incorporating Call to Actions

  • 6

    Google is KING!

    • Why do I need Google?

    • Business Setup on Google

    • Utilizing Google My Business

    • Google Reviews

    • Google Analytics

  • 7

    Making it Easy for Your Clients

    • Catering to the Lazy Client

    • Properly Setting up a Website

    • Building Your One Stop Shop and Needed Components

  • 8

    Must Have Systems for Success

    • Why Are Systems Important?

    • How to Properly Incorporate Systems In Your Business

  • 9

    Selling Yourself

    • Common Apps That Every PMU Artist Should Use

    • Portfolio Do's an Dont's

  • 10

    How to Discount Properly

    • Common Discount Mistakes

    • Play on Numbers

    • Best Times to Run a Discount

  • 11

    Words of Encouragement

    • You Can Do This!

  • 12


    • Meet Rodney Scott

  • 13

    Digital Marketing

    • Making Your Client Find YOU!

    • FREE vs PAID

    • Being EVERYWHERE at the SAME TIME!

  • 14

    Running Effective Facebook Ads

    • Boosting Vs. Facebook Manager

    • Proper Elements to a Successful Facebook Ad

    • Ad Demographics, Budgets and Placements

    • ROI of Facebook Ads

  • 15

    Bonus Material

    • Social Media Hashtags

    • Social Media Templates

    • Sales Scripts and Client Interaction

    • Photo Editing and Pointers

    • Building A Referral Program

Bonus material

Additional content added at no charge to you!

  • PMU related Hashtags


    Full list of Hashtags to use for your business. Get in front of the right client at the right time

  • Customizable Social Media Templates


    Templates that can be used via social media and other marketing platforms.

  • Sales Scripts


    Scripts that can be implemented into your client closing process to possibly increase opportunities of booked appointments and follow-ups

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All courses are non refundable